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Doggy Suites

Whether pooches are small, large, or any size in between - or the indoor or outdoor type! - the Adirondack Pet Lodge has the perfect suite to fit your dog's needs.

All suites offer plenty of room to stretch or play, and are climatically controlled to address changes in our North Country weather. Throughout the day maid service is included to keep things clean and healthy, and each suite comes equipped with bedding to rest peacefully.

We strongly suggest bringing your pet’s food from home. This keeps your dog on a more normal schedule. If you are able, please pre-bag each meal and label it with your pet's name. They will receive the exact amount of food indicated by you. If you forget, or in case of an emergency, we can feed your pet our house food at no charge.

We also offer baths, a few snips here and there, nail trims, and a thorough brushing to have guests looking great and feeling great before returning home. Grooming can be scheduled with boarding to provide additional pampering and attention. Please check out our Info & Rates page for pricing.

Our Standard Suites provide two options. The first is a private room with fun-loving romps every 2 hours in our exercise yard (dogs take turns in our private yards alone.) 

The second is a private room with all day access to an adjoining private courtyard. Hugs and pats from our caring staff come naturally.

Our Luxury Suites provide a spacious room with access to a large, private, outdoor courtyard. Most luxury suites have a video camera to view pets over the internet, enabling you to remain in constant contact with your best pal.

  • Please be advised that all of our raised beds are first come, first serve. We do not reserve beds, nor will we remove from another dog. We also do not reserve specific luxury suites. You will be assigned your suite upon drop off and we will let you know which one you have. Again first come, first served.
If you are interested in reserving one of our Doggy Suites, please see our Info & Rates page or give us a call at (518) 566-2626.